Dream Land, Emilia Telesse

Emilia Telesse


Emilia Telese for Artifariti 2009


Our dreams for the future start when we are very small. They are often idiosyncratic fantasies of imitating the grown-ups around us, or what we see on TV, paired with a dream-like, often idealised or simplified concept of where we live. As we grow, our preoccupations can set those childhood dreams aside. Only for them to return, when we are much, much older, when our life is nearly all lived: then we compare our childhood dreams with our past life, and our wisdom and experience turn to the new generations, trying to warn them, not to let forget their dreams. But all too often the thoughts of the young and those of the old are dismissed by the adult generations as reveries or regrets.

Many people left Tifariti in 1976 because of the war with Morocco. But what were their dreams then, and what are they now?


I propose a community art installation in the heart of Tifariti, Dreamland.

For Dreamland I will create a place and a way for dreams of the future and of the past to converge in the present, to create a dialogue between young, adult and old, across all generations. With the help of a translator I will ask the children of Tifariti to tell me their dream for their own future: what will they do when they grow up? How do they see the future? I will also ask the old people of Tifariti about their childhood dreams: how did they imagine the future, how is that different from the past and the present? Did they realise their childhood dream?