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¿What is Mapping and Naming Sahara Dessert?

This art project is structured around several principles:

  • The human capacity to identify and name: identify areas and make them our own by aspects that we consider significant, either visually or conceptually and name from a wide range of issues, both local and external that help to enrich the identity of Western Sahara.
  • Building networks that conquer the space from the relationship between specific points. Physical and conceptual routes aimed to be recognized, rather than marked per se, and to gather their identity.
  • The need to act in the area of Tifariti to arrange and lead accurately the artistic interventions carried out, as creative instrument with denouncing utility.
  • Carrying out specific routes designated as internationally standardized model in the area around Tifariti from articulating artistic interventions and attracting visitors to see it.
  • Providing a visual reading from geography, which clarifies and inventories accurately and easily the complex connections and numerous artistic interventions.
  • The integration and promotion of the historical memory and heritage of the Sahrawi people, from the respect and use of their words.
  • The power of art to be not only a denounce instrument but also an element that can change situation of isolation, occupation and exile.

To make this project  happen we have carried out numerous previous actions:

  •  Interviews with several people who stand out for their local knowledge and history, especially the elderly who keep the memory of the oral culture.
  • Video and photographic documentation of the area and specific areas from formal criteria of significance.
  • Geodetic analysis and designation of orographic points of instrumental interest.
  • Designing and marking of gps routes around Tifariti and around the refugee camps in Algeria.
  • Involvement of prestige members from the art world in the project.
  • Planning the digital tools that allow viewing and dissemination.
This artistic instrument is designed so that it has continuity in time, allowing a lengthy process involving a lot of artists who support and in turn, enrich the list of proposals that can create art to make you think and how as social circumstances change for the sake of a culture of peace.

It is a thoughtful and practical artistic action while the diversity of ambitious plans and concepts that interviene.Todo this project ends up being a very rich conceptual human tissue and the conquest of space and intellectual map of Western Sahara articulated in a network global support.


Isidro López-Aparicio